Parents (understandably) are often bamboozled when it comes to how their children are interacting with technology.

Kids Coding Sydney is here to help.

Produced by Qwerty Kids – a lively code and digital media lab for seven to 14 year-olds – Kids Coding Sydney is the ‘go to’ site for parents wanting swift and personalised information about what tools are used and what is being created by the new generation of very tech savvy youngsters.

Our first explanation is for coding.

An obvious choice because coding is the new ‘must have’ skill for children so they can employ a powerful combo of brains and technology to create everything from games to personal pedometers.

Please feel free to submit your questions about any aspect of technology or online behaviour.

Kids Coding Sydney is based in Marrickville, Australia.


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We’re busy answering your first questions and plan to launch in September. In the meantime you can find out more about coding at our sister site, Qwerty Kids.